Another Great Day

I had a moment of temptation today, but I resisted.  Woo!  I was on my way home from work and I started craving the chicken pot pie from KFC.  I know, I know: fast food = BOO!  But that chicken pot pie is BOMB-TASTIC!  I could eat one every single day and never get sick of it.  The temptation actually started earlier today when someone in my office heated up something that smelled just like one of those pot pies for lunch.  I sit near the break room, so I smell just about everything that gets heated up in there.  It can be torture if you’re on a diet or trying your best to eat healthy.

So anyway, on my way home, I thought about getting a pot pie because I REALLY wanted one.  But then I had an inner dialogue about it:

Me: Man, I’m really craving a KFC chicken pot pie.  I’ve been eating really well and exercising these past few days, so I deserve a treat, right?

Inner Self: Uh, you’ve only been on the health track for 2 1/2 days.  I think you’re jumping the gun to say you “deserve” a treat meal already.

Me: Well, I was going to do my workout before I ate it, so that will practically burn off my lunch.  I don’t want to go into starvation mode by not having enough calories in my body. 

Inner Self: (inner slap in the face) Look at yourself!  The ONLY way you can possibly go into starvation mode is if you stop eating for a week!!  Don’t blow this for me!  I’ve kept you motivated and on track so far this week and you’re not going to ruin all the hard work and effort over a stupid chicken pot pie!  You will have a delicious salad with tuna for dinner, you got it?!

Me: Okay, okay!  Geez!  Salad with tuna it is.

So I had a mixed greens salad topped with tuna for dinner.  It was delicious and I am SO glad that I didn’t give in to temptation and veer off track.

As for my workout tonight, I did For the Glow’s Epic Cardio.  I didn’t want to do it last night, so I decided to do it today.  Whoa My God!!  I was dripping sweat and barely breathing after the 1st round.  I did 2 rounds total.  I have 4 rounds programmed into my phone on an app called Seconds Pro.  It’s a timer app that lets to you program in stuff like circuits, tabata, HIIT, etc.  It’s really handy.

Each round of Epic Cardio has different exercises.  It’s technically an 8-minute round, but the timer doesn’t count the last 10 second rest period, so that’s why they’re only showing as 7:50.  And there’s a 2-minute cool down after each round, so they’re actually 10 minutes each.

I did rounds 1 and 3 tonight.  I struggled through round 3 because I was so out of breath, but I got through it.  I did what I did yesterday: when I started feeling like I wanted to quit, I reminded myself that the moment was only temporary and I was almost done.  The beeps on my timer were helpful, too.  They let me know when that 10-second rest period was coming up.  10 seconds feels like 2 when you’re trying to catch your breath!

If you’re ever looking for a good cardio workout that’s quick and can be done in your own home, check out Jenn’s site for some ideas.  I’m thinking of trying one of her M.O.D. workouts tomorrow!  That Dancing Crab move should be…interesting.

4 thoughts on “Another Great Day

  1. Congratulations on passing by KFC. We all have our weaknesses. :- ) Remember if eating healthy and staying in shape were easy everyone would be doing it and KFC wouldn’t exist. Keep going you can do it.

    1. Thanks Ms. Ann! Why do they have to make fast food taste so darn good?!! Ah, well. I’m just taking it a day at a time. I know I’ll reach my goals eventually. Definitely not giving up!! :)

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